Python: online courses

Which online Python course is the best? 

Complete List of Free and Paid Courses:online courses and lectures…
FOR PYTHON 2.X :online courses or lectures :

1 .…

2.… (thenewboston site)

books :
1. Introduction to Computation and Programming Using Python
by  MIT Press

2. How to Think Like a Computer Scientist

3.  An Introduction to Python

4.Python Programming

which chapter in which book :
Readings | Introduction to Computer Science and Programming | Electrical Engineering and Computer Science | MIT OpenCourseWare

FOR PYTHON 3.X :online courses or lectures :

1. Coursera
(Learn to Program: The Fundamentals)

2. Coursera
(Learn to Program: Crafting Quality Code)

3. Coursera
( An Introduction to Interactive Programming in Python)

4. Udacity
(Learn Python By Making Search Engine)

5. Watch the Online Video Course Python 3 Essential Training
(Online video tutorials & training)

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